Antalya Old Town – The Best Tourist Attractions in Kaleici

Antalya Old Town, also known as Kaleici, is one of the most popular districts in the city. It is famous with its history, old stone houses, narrow streets, good restaurant, and nightlife. Actually Antalya is the most beautiful city with its beaches and sea. Besides beaches, the city has an important history. Kaleici is the oldest area in the city. That district will amaze you with its architecture and view. So you should definitely visit here. Here is the list of best places to visit and things to do in Antalya Old Town Kaleici.

things to do in antalya old town kaleici

Things to do in Antalya Old Town Kaleici

Antalya Old Town Travel Guide

Before I start writing about Antalya Old Town tourist attractions, I would like to briefly talk about its history. So that you can enjoy more while visiting this region. You can see many historical artifacts from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Anatolia Seljuk periods. Some of them are 2000 years old.

In the 2nd century BC, the King of Pergamon Attalus II Philadelphus is the founder of the city and then named Attaleia. Every single nation built their traditional structure in this area. Especially old stone houses, streets, Marina, and mosques. Antalya Kaleiçi Marina was the most important port, so that made Antalya City trade center of the Mediterranean.

Where is Antalya Old Town & How to Get to Kaleici

That area is located in Muratpaşa. It is easy to reach there. Because there are many public buses, tram, and taxi you might ride.

If you take the tram, you should get off the tram at Mark Antalya Mall station. It is possible to ride the bus station and the Antalya airport. Also, you take the bus which is No600 as public transportation.

how to get to antalya old town kaleici

How to get to Antalya Old Town – Where is Kaleici

Places to Visit in Antalya Old Town Kaleici

According to some people and tourists, Antalya is the most beautiful city in Turkey. It has very nice beaches, historical places, ancient theatres, ruins, bays, nature, etc. One of the places to visit in the city is Kaleici. Even if your expectation is high about here, you will still be satisfied during your holiday.

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1- Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian’s Castle Gate (Hadrianus Gate), also known as Üçkapılar in the Turkish language, was built in 130 AD to commemorate the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s trip to Antalya. The architecture of the 3-span structure was designed with an arch. With its marble columns, workmanship, carvings, the 2000-year-old gate is still as beautiful as its first day. I recommend you to visit Hadrian’s Gate, which reflects the ancient period to the present. You can also take beautiful pictures here.

Hadrian's gate üçkapılar

Hadrian Gate (Üçkapılar) – Historical places to visit in Turkey

2- Old City Marina

The marina was one of the most important trade ports of the Mediterranean in the Byzantine period. It is surrounded by ancient city walls and has a magnificent view. Daily boat trips are organized in the port for domestic and foreign tourists. If you have time, I suggest you take a boat tour on a sunny day.

The route of daily boat tours departing from Old City Marina is cliffs, Düden Waterfall (Düden Şelalesi), and Konyaalti Beach (Konyaaltı Plajı). You can get information and make reservations from the GetYourGuide website for boat tour prices.

You can come to the marina either by walking through the narrow streets of Kaleiçi or by using the free elevator located right next to Cumhuriyet Square Tophane Park.

Old city marina

Old City Marina – Beautiful places to visit in Kaleici

3- Historical Kaleici Streets

The famous streets in the city have unique architecture, stone houses, and wooden structures. You will enjoy the streets by walking around. Also, you can take beautiful pictures here. Streets are like a labyrinth. Even if you think that you are lost in those narrow streets, you will definitely find a way to the sea anyway.

This region has suitable accommodation options in terms of hotels and pensions. You can already see many hotels while walking on the streets. It can be an interesting experience to stay in an old stone house with a courtyard. Click for Antalya Kaleiçi hotel and hostel prices and reservations.

There are also many restaurants, cafes, bars, and night clubs on the streets of Antalya Old Town. You should experience Antalya nightlife here. The heart of the nightlife of the city beats here. Therefore, Antalya Kaleiçi is a must-see list of places to visit.

historical kaleici streets

Historical Kaleici Streets

4- Antalya Clock Tower

In 1901, the historic Clock Tower was built for the 25th anniversary of accession to the throne of Abdulhamid II. And then the clock tower has become one of the landmarks of Antalya. the German Emperor Wilhelm II presented the clock of the tower. The height of the tower is 14 meters. There is a bell on the top.

antalya old town clock tower

Antalya Old Town – Clock Tower – Places to see in the city

5- Hidirlik Tower (Old Stone Tower)

Hıdırlık Tower is one of the structures of the Roman Empire period. It has a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. The historical tower, whose bottom part is square and the top part is cylindrical, is 14 meters high. Built-in the 2nd century AD, the tower was used for defense purposes and as a lighthouse.

You can watch the amazing Mediterranean view from the tower located on the side of Kaleici Karaalioglu Park. Antalya Konyaalti Beach, the cliffs and Beydaglari looks amazing from here. So you can take beautiful pictures here. This place is an Instagrammable place.

hidirlik tower

Hidirlik Tower – Amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea and the cliffs

6- Broken Minaret (Sehzade Korkut Mosque)

The history of this unique building dates back to very old times. Another name of this building is Sehzade Korkut Mosque. Sehzade Korkut Mosque was a church in the Byzantine period. Later, when the Seljuks took the city, it turned into a mosque. When the Seljuks lost the city to the King of Cyprus in 1361, they were converted back into a church again. Then, during the reign of Sultan II Bayezid’s son Sehzade Korkut reopened it as a mosque again.

The minaret of this mosque is called the Broken Minaret (Kesik Minare in the Turkish language). Because of the fire in the 1800s, the top of the minaret collapsed. But in July 2019, the top of the minaret was rebuilt again 123 years later. The minaret is no longer cut but it is still worth seeing among the historical places in Antalya Old Town.

broken minaret

Broken (Kesik) Minaret – Sehzade Korkut Mosque – Beautiful attractions

7- Yivli Minare Mosque

One of the first historical structures in Antalya Old Town City is Yivli Minaret Mosque. The Yivli Minare has become one of the symbols of the city. and it is one of the most important Islamic structures. Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat built it in the 13th century.

The Yivli Minaret is 38 meters high. The historical mosque is adorned with colorful tiles. So it attracts attention with its unique form in Turkish architecture. You should definitely see that place.

Yivli Minare Mosque

Yivli Minare Mosque – Tourist spots

8- Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park is one of the greenest places in the city and has a magnificent city view of the beautiful sea. You can watch Antalya Konyaalti Beach view the observation terraces in the park on the cliffs. There are legendary views of the Mediterranean Sea and Beydaglari.

You can also visit the Ataturk House near Karaalioğlu Park. Many local people walk around the park in the evening. So if you think about what to do at night, you can also come here after sunset.

9- Mermerli Beach

Mermeli Beach is just right next to the Antalya Yacht Harbor. As there are generally cliffs in Kaleici, it is one of the beaches preferred by foreign tourists and Antalya residents for swimming. Mermerli Beach becomes very colorful with sun loungers and umbrellas during the summer. The beach is small but has very nice water.

mermerli beach places to visit in antalya old town

Mermerli Beach – The best places to visit in Antalya Old Town – Tourist Spots

10- Suna & Inan Kirac Kaleici Museum

Suna & Inan Kirac Kalecici Museum consists of a 19th-century traditional Turkish house and Aya Yorgi Church next to it. If you wonder about the Turkish tradition, you should visit the museum. There are old photographs, traditional dress, and local home architecture in the museum.

11- Antalya Toy Museum

Turkish poet Sunay Akin led to open Antalya Toy Museum in 2011. Visiting the museum will be a nice weekend activity for both children and adults. You can see antiques and old toys here.

The museum has around 3000 domestic and foreign toys. Also, there are some events you may join. The museum is one of the places to visit with the child in the city. You can also visit Kaleici Yacht Harbor after the museum.

Kaleici Nightlife

There are many beautiful and quality places in the historical streets of Kaleici. Antalya nightlife is very active and colorful in the Old Town. You can spend your time at cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, and night clubs here at night. So you can enjoy food, drinks, and dancing at these places here.

antalya old town kaleici nightlife

Antalya Old Town Kaleici Nightlife – Bars, Night Clubs, Pubs, Restaurants

Prices of food and drinks here are a little expensive than normal. But it is still not that expensive. But I suggest you check the menu first before ordering.

If you want to enjoy Antalya Old Town nightlife, you can visit Tudors Arena, Filika Cafe Bar, Holly Stone Performance Hall, The Roxx Pub, Shaker Pub, and Raven Pub. Many local people prefer those places at night. So that you can also meet local people. Alternatively, some tourists visit Antalya Konyaalti restaurants, night clubs, and bars.

Where to Stay in Antalya Old Town

Staying in old and historical stone houses with beautiful courtyards is a very good experience as a tourist here. And it is not that expensive. Also, there are many budget accommodation. You can choose a boutique hotel, a hostel, or a pension to stay here.

You can find hotels which are for affordable prices by searching on ‘booking’ website or application. I can recommend those hotels; Castle HotelKaleiçi Hotel & PensionHotel Twenty, and Hadrian Gate Hotel. Airbnb is also another option to find affordable accommodation to stay in.


This is all I wanted to mention about Antalya Old Town travel guide blog and historical touristic places around. You can easily visit the places I listed above in one day. Even a half-day is enough. Besides Kaleici, you should visit some places such as Konyaalti Beach, Lara Beach, Duden Waterfall Park, Tunektepe Cable Car, Glass Pyramid, Gulluk Street, Saklikent Ski Center and etc.

If you have any questions about the city, you can ask me. Also do not forget to follow me on Instagram. You can also read these articles;