Skopje Nightlife – Best Bars & Nightclubs

Skopje is one of the best cities in North Macedonia in terms of nightlife. Although it is a city that draws attention with its history, there are beautiful places where you can have fun in the evenings. Nights are very colorful in this beautiful city where different cultures and societies live together. To have a particularly nice Macedonian night, Fridays and Saturdays should be preferred. You will find topics such as ‘best bars & nightclubs and where to go at night in Skopje in this travel blog.

Summer Club Havana Fun things to do

Summer Club Havana – Fun things to do

In this blog post, I will tell you about Skopje nightlife. But if you are planning a trip to Macedonia, I recommend you to read the travel guides below.

Skopje Nightlife

It is possible to find many entertainment venues for everyone at night in the capital of North Macedonia, which is decorated with bridges and statues. You can have a great time, especially in the colorful cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs by the Vardar River.

After visiting Skopje tourist places such as the Turkish Bazaar and Matka Canyon during the day, you can have fun in the city center at night. You can experience a pleasant Macedonian night with concerts, festivals, DJ performances, and local music. You can dance wildly, especially in big nightclubs until the morning.

Is the nightlife in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, safe? The city is safe if you ask me. But of course, it is better not to go to streets that you do not know or where there are not many tourists.

Best Bars and Nightlubs in Skopje

Friday and Saturday nights are very energetic in the city. Therefore, if you are planning a tour of the Balkans, you can plan accordingly.

I have listed the most energetic and lively places for you below. I recommend you to visit these places where you can socialize with both Macedonian people and other foreign tourists while having fun.

1 – Club Epicentar

Club Epicentar is one of the most popular clubs in the city. It is a popular destination for electronic dance music lovers. It has an energetic atmosphere with its lighting system and crazy music.

Club Epicanter Skopje Nightlife What to do at night

Club Epicanter – Skopje Nightlife – What to do at night

Many young Macedonian people prefer this place for a good Skopje nightlife. This place is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Check-in time is 23:00 and the party continues until 5 in the morning. Although there is a ‘dress code’ at the entrance, they are not very strict.

The club hosts famous names from time to time. Drink prices are also reasonable here. If you want to have a crazy night, I recommend you to stop by here.

2- Summer Club Havana

Summer Club Havana is like Club Epicentar. It is one of the best nightclubs in the city. Perhaps the liveliest and most active. Located in City Park, the club is also located by the Vardar River.

You can experience crazy Balkan nights here. You can also enjoy the performance of the bands. The atmosphere in this club, which we can also describe as an open-air bar, is completely different during the summer months.

Summer Club Havana Skopje Nightlife Places to Visit in North Macedonia

Summer Club Havana – Skopje Nightlife – Places to Visit in North Macedonia

Summer Club Havana entrance fee is 150 MKD (Macedonian Denar). It costs approximately 2.5 Euros. So it’s very cheap. You can try Macedonian beers and other local and imported alcoholic drinks at affordable prices here.

3- Kino Karposh

Another place to go for Macedonian nightlife is Kino Karposh. Kino Karposh is one of the places that Macedonian young people and students prefer. This place attracts attention with its creative and crazy parties.

The place, where you can stop by and have a coffee with your friends or alone in the afternoon, turns into a completely different environment at night. You can dance with DJ performances and live music here.

Kino Karposh What to do at night

Kino Karposh – What to do at night

The interior decoration of this place is quite nice. People like its cinema-themed concept. It also has a beautiful terrace. After taking a tour of the places to visit in Skopje, I recommend you stop by here after sunset. You should see what the Balkan nights are like here.

4- Van Gogh Bar

Van Gogh Bar excites people with its lively atmosphere and eclectic music. So, this bar is one of the favorite night spots of locals and tourists. The bar in the Debar Maalo area is located 15 minutes away from Macedonia Square. Since it is close to the city center, you can easily reach it.

An event or other organization is held every night in this entertainment venue. Drink prices are also reasonable in this place where you will go to experience Skopje nightlife. They also serve a bowl of peanuts along with the beer. It is also a very high-quality business. So don’t approach it with prejudice by saying it looks like a neighborhood bar.

5- Irish Pub St. Patrick

Irish pubs exist almost all over the world. The one in Skopje also provides a very high-quality service. As far as I know, it was the first authentic bar in the city. You can also watch English Premier League or Champions League matches here. It feels like a Sports Bar.

The pub is close to the banks of the Vardar River. It is also located in the Skopje Old Town area. Its interior architecture attracts attention with its design reflecting the Victorian period.

Irish Pub St. Patrick Where to go Balkan tour

Irish Pub St. Patrick – Where to go – Balkan tour

This is a place you can choose not only for Skopje nightlife but also for breakfast or lunch. Their menu is quite rich. You can try both food and cocktails. So, if you are wondering what to eat in Macedonia, you can visit here.

6- Old School Cafe

Drawing attention with its friendly atmosphere, Old School Cafe entertains people with its old-school style of music. It is not as crowded here as other places. So, you can spend a quiet night away from the crowds of people with its dim atmosphere. Artists, intellectuals, and musicians frequented here a lot.

The cafe, whose employees are friendly and respectful, turns into a nightclub in the evening. Live music performances liven up the night in its small area. Macedonian girls, boys and foreign tourists who do not like crowds prefer this place to spend a pleasant Macedonian night.

Old School Bar Skopje Nightlife is safe

Old School Bar – Skopje Nightlife is safe?

7- La Bodeguita Del Medio

La Bodeguita Del Medio is a nice place where you can go for nightlife in Skopje. This place is designed in Cuban style, as you can see in its name. The establishment is the only one of its kind in the country. La Bodeguita Del Medio is also famous for its Cuban and Latin cuisine dishes and drinks.

This place attracts attention with its authentic cocktails. You can especially enjoy watching professional bartenders preparing cocktails for you with their interesting shows. An iced mojito goes well here. That’s why nights in Skopje are enjoyable, especially after drinking a cocktail.

Although the place, located by the Vardar River, looks like a normal cafe during the day, it becomes quite colorful in the evenings. You can dance wildly in this beautiful bar that turns on the party mode. It is especially ideal for weekend getaways. But on weekends, make a reservation just in case. We can say that North Macedonia’s nightlife prices are reasonable here in this place.

Club Epicanter Skopje Nightlife Best Bars Nightclubs

Club Epicanter – Skopje Nightlife Best Bars & Nightclubs

8- Midnight Club

If you want to have a crazy Macedonian night, one of the alternatives you can go to is Midnight Club. The nightclub, which is part of the City Mall, is a favorite of the Macedonian people who want to spend the night out.

The club aims to entertain people with both DJ performances and live bands. So it is in high demand. If you come across their themed parties and events, you can have an unforgettable experience of Balkan nights.

9- Speakeasy

Speakeasy is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to ‘Let’s have an after party’ in Skopje, the Macedonian capital. It is located in City Park. Speakeasy serves as a classic American cocktail bar. The old building in which it is located is considered a cultural heritage because it is under protection. It is located on the second floor of the apartment building.

Speakeasy Bar Skopje, where you will have a great night with retro and jazz music, has a design that reflects the atmosphere of the 1920s. You can also socialize and make new friends in the venue, which has rich cocktail content. Because it is quite crowded and has a friendly atmosphere.

Speakeasy Skopje Nightlife What to do at night

Speakeasy – Skopje Nightlife – What to do at night

10- Casa Cubana

Casa Cubana is located on the banks of the Vardar River and very close to Macedonia Square. Here you can eat and drink while enjoying the view of the Stone Bridge.

If it doesn’t rain according to the weather forecast in Skopje, you can have a pleasant Macedonian night by sitting outside. Of course, as the name suggests, it would not be right to expect a classic Balkan night. But later in the night, you will definitely get a different experience with Latin music and Latin dances such as salsa.

Casa Cubana is considered one of the best entertainment venues in Skopje, among the holiday destinations with a lively nightlife. It is especially crowded with people on weekends. It is one of the places where you can spend time not only for Skopje nightlife but also during the day.

Casa Cubana Skopje Nightlife Best Places to visit

Casa Cubana – Skopje Nightlife – Best Places to visit

Where to Stay in Skopje – Macedonia Nightlife

The Vardar River divides the city into two. One side is the Old Town area, where there are many artifacts from the Ottoman Empire and where you can feel the Turkish culture. The other side, where Macedonia Square is located, attracts attention with new buildings.

If you ask where to stay in Skopje, I can recommend the central area, around the Old Town. But since the city is already small, you can easily reach everywhere on foot. However, make sure your hotel is close to the Old Town.

For accommodation abroad, I recommend you make reservations through booking websites. On these sites, it becomes easier for you to decide based on customer comments and scores.

The Skopje hotels that I can recommend to you are as follows. You can make a reservation in the window that opens by clicking on the links.