cambodia siem reap angkor wat temple

Siem Reap Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia

Who is Utku Akkaya?

Hello, I’m Utku Akkaya. I am a person who loves to travel and see different places. Although I have work, I still try to explore new places during my free time. So I’m not a full-time traveler yet. But the new people I meet, the different cultures, and the places I visit inspire me for my next adventure.

Actually, traveling is my best hobby which comes from my childhood. Thanks to my mother and my father, who are teachers, I can say I’ve seen almost the whole coast of Turkey. Because in every summer, we were going to different places when i was student at elemantary and high school. But after started to study at the university, I was not able to travel much. Especially when I entered to my business life, my life became very monotonous.

budapest utku akkaya

My trip to Budapest – Chain Bridge and Danube River – Utku Akkaya

How Did I Start Traveling?

When I decided to resign from my job which I work as a civil engineer and did an Interrail trip to Europe on my own, my perspective on life changed again. It was the first time I went abroad to travel alone. And also my English was not so good, but still, I enjoyed my travel a lot. At that time, I thought I must take the road and see more countries in the future. Returning to Turkey after my Interrail trip, I was always saying ‘I should go somewhere else immediately next time during my free time’ to myself. I also try to go somewhere in my country and abroad during public holidays or something.

Since my trips are mostly ‘backpacker style’, I most time stay at cheap hostels. I can say that doing economic trips like that has contributed a lot to me. I still travel on my own without any sponsor, so I do a lot of research on web sites like booking to stay cheaply and safely. Also, I always try to find cheap flight tickets by using flight search and booking site like Skyscanner.

philippines banaue view point utku akkaya

Philippines Banaue View Point – Utku Akkaya

Traveling makes you more confident!

I have traveled to many countries and cities in only Europe and Asia so far. What is my favorite country and city? My favorite country I have visited is the Philippines with beautiful white-sand beaches. And Krakow in Poland is one of my favorite cities. There are many countries where I should travel. I hope I will achieve this goal.

slovenia bled lake utku akkaya

Bled Lake, Ljubljana, Slovenia – Utku Akkaya

I will share with you my experiences, memories, and information about the places I have been to. And also on this blog, there will be anything related to travel stuff. Well, I am not a good writer, but I will try my best about it. If I make a mistake in writing, I apologize in advance. I hope I will help you here on this travel blog that I have opened. And also I would be glad if you share your experience, advice about travel with me as well. You can contact me here or on my Instagram account.