Places To Visit In Kuala Lumpur – 15 Best Tourist Attractions

Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur show us how rich country Malaysia is in Southeast Asia. Why? Because, Kuala Lumpur is a very modern city, on the other hand it is a city where different cultures, nations and traditional lives are together. You can explore beautiful things such historical places, the tallest buildings in the world, nightlife, shopping malls night markets, street food and temples during your trip to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. In this travel guide, you will get some information such what things to do, where to go and stay in Kuala Lumpur.

places to visit and things to do in kuala lumpur malaysia

Batu Caves – Places to visit and also things to do in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia

Malays, Chinese and Indians comprise majority of the Malaysia population. As I said above, many people with different beliefs live here. This is one of the things that makes Malaysia’s capital beautiful and special. This is the city of those who live together harmoniously. Moreover, you can see this diversity and difference in the destinations on the list of places to visit in Kuala Lumpur. Also, check Places to visit in Malaysia Travel Guide.

Places To Visit In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, a very rich city with the most cultural heritage, welcomes visitors from all over the world. In this cosmopolitan city of Malaysia, you can see places such historical temples, skyscrapers with unique architecture such Petronas Twin Towers, famous regions with street flavors, shopping centers, Chinatown, Little India. You can discover top destinations in the city even within a day. So, staying in this city, which you can hear as KL, for maximum 2 days is enough.

If you are not sure about things to do or where to go in Kuala Lumpur, I highly suggest you to see those top tourist places on the list.

1- Petronas Twins Towers

What is the symbol of Malaysia? I think most people answer this question as Petronas Twin Towers, because it won the title of the tallest building in the world in 2004. So that makes most travelers visit the towers in Kuala Lumpur. This magnificent skyscraper with a height of 88 floors and 452 meters is among the most beautiful steel construction buildings in the world.

You can take beautiful photos across Petronas Towers, which offer an amazing view both during the daytime and at night. You can also watch the unique city view by going up to SkyBridge. SkyBridge is 170 meters high and connecting the towers. Apart from that, you can also go to the viewing terrace on the 86th floor of the tower for a fee of RM 80. You can use this site for current prices. For those who ask where Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers are, you can reach here by metro.

petronas twin towers in kuala lumpur, best things to do, nightlife

Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Best things to do for nightlife

2- Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka)

This place, which means Dataran Merdeka in Malay language, is a very important square for the country. Because Malaysia’s independence was declared here in 1957. The British flag was lowered and the Malaysian flag began to fluctuate here. In the Independence Square, the 95-meter-high flagpole draws people’s attention. There are also some good destinations worth seeing around Merdeka Square.

merdeka square dataran, top places to visit in kuala lumpur, capital city of malaysia

Merdeka Square (Dataran) – Top places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia

3- Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, located right next to Merdeka Square, has a nice architecture. After 3 year construction, the building was opened in 1897. Although some parts of the building were used by the British at the time, it was used as Malay government building after independence.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building, which attracts attention with its 45 meter high clock tower, domes and arched structure, looks even more magnificent at night with lighting. How to get there? You just need to walk a little after getting off at Masjid Jamek Metro Station. You can also visit nearby places such KL City Gallery, Royal Selangor Club and St. Mary’s Anglican Cathedral.

sultan abdul samad building - kl tourist attractions

Sultan Abdul Samad Building – Best KL tourist attractions

4- Batu Caves – Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

One of the most sacred of the Hindu temples found in Southeast Asia is Batu Caves. One of the important features of this place is that it is the largest cave temple in the world. The huge golden statue of the Hindu God Lord Murugan, located next to the 272 step stairs at the entrance of the cave, greets its visitors. This is the tallest statue of a Hindu deity in Malaysia.

It is really troublesome to go up the colorful stairs with 272 steps. But while it’s here, it’s worth it to see Batu Caves temples. One of the things you should be aware of when climbing the stairs is monkeys. They are generally said to be harmless, but if you have food or water bottles, they tend to steal. Also, if you are carrying any bags, they may want to approach you and look for inside of the bags.

How to get to Batu Caves, which is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kuala Lumpur? You can go there by your own. Also, you can buy Batu Caves half-day tours. If your time is not limited, I suggest you go there by train from KL Sentral, like I did. The full name of the train is called KTM Komuter Train. The fee is 2.60 RM and the journey takes about 45 minutes.

how to get to batu caves

How to get to Batu Caves – The best places to see

5- Menara KL Tower

One of the best things to do when you visit a city is to look at it from above. Menara KL Tower promises you beautiful views of Kuala Lumpur. You can enjoy the city view with the observation terrace located at 276 meters of the tower. The 421 meter high tower is also among the highest telecommunication towers in the world. You can reach the tower, which is located in a central location of the city, by metro and buses.

6- Masjid Jamek – Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Masjid Jamek, one of the oldest and important mosques in Malaysia, was opened to worship in 1909. Masjid Jamek architecture is very unique in the country. Because minarets and domes do not look at all like the mosques in other countries. This beautiful mosque on the list of places to visit and free things to do in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, was designed by British architect AB Hubbock. Because it is very close to the Masjid Jamek metro stop, I suggest you to ride metro to get to Masjid Jamek.

masjid jamek, places to visit in kuala lumpur, free things to do

Masjid Jamek – Places to Visit and also free things to do in Kuala Lumpur

7- Central Market – Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Central Market has been a popular center for shopping since 1888. This is one of the places that shoppers and tourists should definitely visit. You can find products such souvenirs, traditional and local fabrics and dresses, modern clothes at affordable prices here. There are also restaurants in Central Market where you can taste delicious Malaysian dishes. By the way, you can hear Central Market as Pasar Seni in the local language.

If you are thinking of shopping, which is one of the indispensable topics of the Kuala Lumpur travel guide content, I would definitely recommend you to stop by here. Visiting hours are from 10 am to 9 pm. You can easily come here with the Kuala Lumpur subway.

Central market pasar seni cheap shopping

Cental Market – Pasar Seni – Cheap shopping in KL

8- Bukit Bintang

One of the most active areas of the city is Bukit Bintang, which means ‘Star Hill’ in English. When it comes to shopping and nightlife in Kuala Lumpur, it is definitely one of the first places to visit. Shopping centers, restaurants, bars, hotels with luxury brands are always here. It is easy get here, so you can jut use public transportation to go to this region. 

For Kuala Lumpur nightlife, you can choose restaurants, cafes and bars in Changkat Bukit Bintang. You should definitely stop by Jalan Alor Street to taste delicious Malaysian street food. There is not much in the daytime, but it gets crowded after dark. So, they also call it Jalan Alor Night Market.

9- Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple, one of the largest temples in the Southeast Asia, is a Chinese temple. This wonderful temple, built in the name of Thean Hou, known as the Queen of Heaven, started operating in 1989. This unique temple really deserves to be among the top places to visit in Kuala Lumpur.

The temple consists of 4 floors. On the first floor, there is a shop and restaurant where you can eat and buy souvenir. On the fourth floor there is a worship section. I think one of the important things is to see the worship section during your Malaysia tour. How to get to this temple? You can reach this temple by taxi.

thean hou temple, places to visit and things to do in kuala lumpur, travel guide

Thean Hou Temple – Places to Visit and also things to do in Kuala Lumpur – Travel Guide

10- Chinatown – Best Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

In almost every country in Southeast Asia, there is always Chinatown. I mentioned before that a considerable population of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is Chinese folks. As such, if you want to experience different culture and tradition, you should visit Chinatown.

Petaling Street is the busiest street in the Chinatown, which is one of the top places to visit and things to do in Kuala Lumpur. You can shop in this region and observe culturally different experiences. It is walking distance to Pasar Seni Station, so getting there is very easy by metro.

11- Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Sri Mahamariamman Temple, known as the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia was founded in 1873. The tower at the entrance to the temple resembles a pyramid. Hindu gods and goddesses are depicted with the engravings and figures in the entrance tower. Located in the Chinatown area, this temple deserves to be on the list of places to visit and things to do in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

sri mahamariamman temple travel guide capital city of malaysia

Sri Mahamariamman Temple – Travel Guide – Capital city of Malaysia

12- Little India (Brickfields)

As you know, there are many Indians in Kuala Lumpur. Like Chinatown, they have a neighborhood in the city. Although the official name of this neighborhood is Brickfields, you can hear more as Little India.

You can shop on the main street of Little India Quarter Jalan Tun Sambanthan and taste Indian food. Especially at night, this region is more colorful and lively. So, I would say stop by her, if you have enough time during your Malaysia trip.

13- Jalan Alor – Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur For One Day

Jalan Alor is one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur. Here is one of the famous KL Night Markets, so this place is more active in the evening. So what to do in Jalan Alor?

You can eat local Malaysian dishes, drink beer, taste tropical fruits and walk at night in Jalan Alor. I think here is also a suitable area for socializing. You can try street flavors by meeting new people. You can also relieve the tiredness of the day in the safe massage salons here.

kuala lumpur nightlife top places to visit in jalar alor

Kuala Lumpur nightlife – Top places to visit in Jalan Alor – Where to eat

14- KLCC Park

KLCC Park is a spot known with Petronas Towers. This is a green area where you can breathe in the city. You can also take amazing photos  here towards Petronas Twin Towers. You will see that a lot of people are trying to take pictures too.

One of the things that make KLCC Park special is light and water shows. You can have a pleasant time watching these water and light show in this peaceful park. If you ask how to get to KLCC Park, transportation by metro is very fast and safe.

In addition, you should also visit Suria KLCC Shopping Center. It can be a bit luxury, but the supermarket in Suria KLCC has all kinds of products. So, this place is a must-see destination to visit in Kuala Lumpur.

klcc park tourist spots

KLCC Park – Top Tourist Spots

15- Perdana Botanical Garden

Perdana Botanical Garden, which is a huge park in the city, was established on an area of ​​90 hectares. With its numerous ponds and hundreds of species of plants, this is a place that should definitely be on the route of those who want to be in touch with nature. Orchid garden and butterfly garden are especially beautiful.

Another spot that should be among Kuala Lumpur attractions for nature lovers is the Bird Park. You can get interesting experiences about natural life in this park, where more than 3000 birds of different species live.

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Don’t expect as cheap and unlimited entertainment as nightlife in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, or the Philippines, but still you can have a nice night in KL. Malaysia Kuala Lumpur nightlife is more vibrant in Changkat Bukit Bintang district, becaıuse many bars and night clubs are located in this area.

You can also drink at rooftop bars with the beautiful landscape of the city. Especially, SkyBar has a legendary view of Petronas Twin Towers. It is on the 33rd floor of the Traders Hotel which is next to KLCC Park. It is already one of the most popular rooftop bars in the city.

skybar rooftop bar, places to visit in kuala lumpur, things to do for nightlife

SkyBar Rooftop Bar – Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, and also things to do for nightlife

Where is Kuala Lumpur

Where is Malaysia? Malaysia is in Southeast Asia. Its capital city KL is located in the central region of the country. There are Singapore on the south border of the country and Thailand on the north border of the country. So it is possible to get to KL from Singapore by bus. The journey takes about 5 and a half hours by bus.

where is kuala lumpur - malaysia map

Where is Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia map

Airport To City Center Transportation

KL airport offers many options of public transportation to travelers. According to your budget, you can choose one of the options, which are Klia Express, bus, shuttle service and taxi.

Of course taking taxi is the most expensive option. I did not take a taxi, but from Klia to KL Sentral, I think it cost around RM 75. The fastest option is the Klia Express train. You arrive at KL Sentral Station in 28 minutes. The price of it is 55 RM. If you want to buy tickets online, you can click this site.

Because the cheapest is to go by bus, I always chose bus between airport and KL Sentral. If you take bus, KL Sentral from klia takes about 45 minutes and costs around RM 12-13. By the way, you can exchange your money for Malaysian currency Ringgit (RM) at the airport.

Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur

Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur? KL, one of the safest cities in Malaysia, has many hotels and hostels. Be sure to find suitable accommodation according to your budget. Petronas Towers, Bukit Bintang and Chinatown are good places for accommodation. Also, I recommend that you choose your hotel which is close to metro.

You can make a reservation online via Booking and Agoda websites. On those websites, there are many affordable places, luxury hotel rooms, cheap hostels etc.