Best Places to Visit in North Macedonia – Tourist Spots

Best places to visit in North Macedonia offer many beautiful things to travelers who will make a Balkan tour. The country has developed in tourism with its historical and natural beauties in recent years. Places such as Skopje, Matka Canyon, Lake Ohrid, Vardar River, and Tetovo are among the must-see destinations. With its rich culture, heritage, food, people, capital, modest nightlife, North Macedonia is a country that should be on holiday routes. It is also one of the visa-free Balkan countries.

Lake Ohrid Best Places to visit in North Macedonia

Lake Ohrid – The Best Places to visit in North Macedonia

North Macedonia was an important part of the Former Yugoslavia. It is also the hometown of Alexander the Great. That’s why they are in conflict with Greece. It is impossible not to fall in love with its wonderful nature, landscapes, lakes, and lush forests.

List of the Best Places to Visit in North Macedonia 

Where are the best places to visit in North Macedonia? The capital Skopje, Lake Ohrid with its magnificent view, Matka Canyon which is a natural wonder are the most popular spots. But there are many destinations to see in the country.

You can see many historical things that belong to giant empires in the past such as the Macedonian Kingdom, Rome, Byzantine, and Ottoman. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Balkans with its cheap prices, accommodation, and hospitality.

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1- Skopje 

The capital Skopje is known as the ‘city of sculptures’. Because as part of the ‘Skopje 2014’ project, many new sculptures were built in the city. The largest one is the Alexander the Great Statue, a mounted warrior.

Skopje Stone Bridge

Skopje Stone Bridge – Things to do in Balkans

You can visit the all sights in the city built on the Vardar River in 1 day. However, if you want to stay here, you can check the list of Skopje hotels.

What are the best places to visit Skopje, the capital of Macedonia?

  • Stone Bridge, Civilizations & Art Bridge
  • Skopje Turkish Bazaar (Old Bazaar)
  • Mustafa Pasha Mosque
  • Davut Pasha Bath (Cifte Hammam) & Isa Bey Bath
  • Archaeological Museum of Macedonia
  • Vodno Mountain Cableway & Millennium Cross
  • Memorial House of Mother Teresa
  • Church of St. Clement of Ohrid
  • Bohemian Street

For those who want to experience Macedonian nightlife, there are quality bars and nightclubs in Skopje. The good places are usually located near the Vardar River. Read my blog about Skopje Nightlife as well.

2- Ohrid – Best Places to Visit in North Macedonia

Ohrid is called the ‘pearl of the Balkans’. It is among the most beautiful destinations among Macedonian cities with its magnificent lake. You will like its narrow stone streets, historical houses, clear lake, and nightlife. Moreover, Ohrid is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lake Ohrid Things to do in Balkans tour

Lake Ohrid – Things to do in Balkans tour

If you are thinking of doing a Balkan tour, I would definitely add Ohrid to your travel route. It fascinates travelers with places that are both historical and natural wonders. It is possible to see traces from both the Byzantine and Ottoman. So what are the places to visit in this paradise Ohrid?

  • Old Bazaar
  • Ohrid Old Town
  • St. Sophia Church
  • Ancient theater
  • Samuel’s Fortress
  • Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon
  • Ohrid Castle
  • St. John Church
  • Boat tour on Lake Ohrid

Where is Lake Ohrid, and how to get there? It is located on the Albanian border of the country. You can come here by bus both from the capital Skopje and from neighboring countries such as Albania and Greece. If you want to stay here for a few nights, you can make a reservation from this hotel list.

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3- Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon is one of the natural wonders in the country. It covers a huge area of ​​5 thousand hectares. Here, you can do activities such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, boat tour, Vrelo Cave trip. While hiking, you also get the chance to observe butterflies, colorful insects, animals, and plant species. Moreover, you can be sure that you will find peace here.

Here you can also discover medieval churches in the canyon, such as the culturally valuable St. Nicholas Monastery. Matka Canyon is located just 15 kilometers from the capital Skopje. So it is possible to easily reach the canyon by bus.

Matka Canyon Best Places to Visit in Nort Macedonia

Matka Canyon – Best Places to Visit in Nort Macedonia – Tourist Attractions

4- Tetovo

Tetovo is one of the cities that you should visit while traveling to Macedonia. There is a magnificent mosque that you will admire here. Sarena Dzamija, one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture, is located here. Especially the exterior is amazing.

The Pena River passes through the middle of the city where mostly Albanians live. You should not leave here without eating the beautiful pastries of Tetovo. So, where are the best places to visit in North Macedonia Tetovo?

  • Sarena Dzamija
  • Arabati Baba Tekke
  • Lesok Monastery
  • Popova Ski Resort
Tetovo Sarena Dzamija

Tetovo – Sarena Dzamija – Where to go in Balkans

5- Bitola

Bitola is one of the largest cities in the country. So there are must-see tourist spots with its charming streets, avenues, and cultural heritage. Bitola is also special for the Turkish people. Because Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, studied at The Monastir Military High School in this city.

So where is Bitola, which is among the historical and touristic places in Macedonia, and how to go? The city is located close to the border with Greece. And also it is 69 km away from Ohrid. You can easily reach here by bus or car. If you want to stay here, you can book a room by using booking.

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6- Struga – Best Places to Visit in North Macedonia

Struga is known as ‘the capital of poetry and art’. Also, Struga hosts events such as art nights and poetry festivals. Although there are not many places to see, I recommend you to visit here for a day. It is near Lake Ohrid.

The best places to visit in Struga North Macedonia are as follows: Old Bazaar, St. George Church, Goce Delcev Street, Halveti Hayati Teke. If you ask where to stay in Struga, you can take a look at this affordable hotel list.

Struga where to go in Balkans

Struga – Where to go in Balkans Tour

7- Bay of the Bones (Museum on Water)

The museum has a village consisting of primitive houses made of adobe 3000 years old. Bay of the Bones is among the wonderful destinations for cultural tours. Thousands of people come to visit here.

Pottery, jewelry, and tools that reflect the past in the best way are among the things you can witness here. So Bay of the Bones is one of the destinations you should visit as part of your Balkan tour. Museum on Water is located 17 kilometers from the city of Ohrid. You can come here through travel agencies or with your own means.

Lake Ohrid Bay of the Bones Museum on Water Best Places to visit in North Macedonia

Lake Ohrid – Bay of the Bones (Museum on Water) – Best Places to visit in North Macedonia

8- Monastery of St. Naum

Located within Galicica Natural National Park, the Sveti Naum Monastery is one of the structures that reveal the cultural richness of the country. So Sveti Naum Monastery is one of the important must-see points during your trip to Macedonia.

Also, it has an insatiable beauty with its 1200-year history. The monastery has Orthodox church architecture. Moreover, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Monastery of Sveti Naum

Monastery of Sveti Naum – Historical structures

Sveti Naum is very important for Christians. It is actually a Byzantine monastery. The historical monument on the shore of Lake Ohrid impresses its visitors with its amazing view. A part of the land here is a hotel, so you can stay here.

Sveti Naum Monastery is about 1 kilometer from the Macedonian-Albanian border. So you can come to the border from the monastery on foot and then cross the border. It is a really interesting experience you can try. So this place should be on the list of the best places to visit in North Macedonia.

9- Gostivar – Best Places to Visit in North Macedonia

Gostivar is a city with multicultural. So you can observe that people live happily without any fight.

Gostivar is located in the northwest of the country. You can visit many beautiful tourist spots such as Clock Tower, Mavrova National Park, Vrutok Village, Monastery St. Jovan Bigorski. If you wonder how to get here, you can reach the city by train using the railway.

Gostivar Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery

Gostivar – Saint Jovan Bigorski Monastery

Let’s explain to those who say where is Gostivar and how to get there. 76 kilometers from the capital. You can easily reach it by taking a Balkan tour by bus, train or car. If you want to stay in Gostivar, one of the places to visit in the Balkans, you can book your place by using the booking website.

10- Mavrova National Park

Mavrova National Park has a lot of oxygen with its incredible nature. So it offers a visual feast to its visitors. It is also one of the largest national parks in the Balkans.

Mavrova National Park includes beautiful areas such as forest, waterfall, lake, karst. You can even see Korab Mountain, which is the highest mountain in the country, although it is far away.

You can do hiking in Mavrovo National Park, which has a variety of fauna and flora. This place attracts great attention every season. But in the winter it turns into a wonderful place under the snow.

If you want to take a tour of Mavrova National Park, you can reach here by bus. You can stay in this peaceful place with options such as camping areas, hotels, and hostels.

Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo National Park – The Beautiful and best places to visit in North Macedonia

11- Mavrovo Ski Center

There is a ski center within Mavrovo National Park where you can ski. This ski center is one of the most popular spots in the Balkans. If you are enthusiastic or interested in winter sports during your Macedonia tour, you can visit here. It is a good alternative destination if you are thinking about where to go for a winter holiday.

12- Stobi Ancient City

The Roman Empire and Byzantine ruins are exhibited in Stobi Ancient City. Stobi is the most important archaeological site in the country. It was one of the most important religious centers of the Christian world.

Stobi Ancient City Best Places to visit in North Macedonia

Stobi Ancient City – Best Places to visit in North Macedonia – Balkan tour

It was a developed city with the military, administrative, and trade. Moreover, the ancient theater, houses with mosaic floors, temples, Roman baths are worth seeing.

If you ask where Stobi Ancient City is among the best tourist places to visit in North Macedonia, it is located 81 kilometers south of the capital Skopje. You can also see the intersection point of Crna and Vardar Rivers. While you’re here, I would say visit the winery nearby. You can sip aged wines in ‘Bovin Winery’.

13- Gevgelija – Best Places to Visit in North Macedonia

Gevgelija is one of the cities you might want to see while traveling through Macedonia. It is also one of the most entertaining spots in the country. Because Gevgelija is called Macedonia’s Las Vegas. It is the center of numerous casinos, all-inclusive 5-star hotels, nightclubs, galleries, concert venues.

In addition, it is one of the destinations where you can relax and find peace thanks to its sulfur baths, spa facilities, and forested areas. Gevgelija is very close to the Greek border in the south of the country. If you take a tour of Greece, you can also visit Gevgelija. If you want to spend a few nights, you can book at affordable Gevgelija hotels.

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