Places to Visit in Bangkok – 15 Best Tourist Attractions

The list of places to visit in Bangkok offers many things to its visitors. It is a very nice city with its historical places, night markets, street foods, skyscrapers. Many backpackers and tourists visit this city because it is also close to Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia. So if you are planning to travel around Southeast Asia, probably you will visit Bangkok as well. Especially visiting Khao San Road, The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and the floating markets are the most popular things to do in Bangkok.

places to visit in bangkok thailand

Places to visit in Bangkok – Things to do in Thailand

Best Places To Visit In Bangkok

The population of Bangkok is 9 million. It is a metropolitan city. But you can reach anywhere easily by metro, tuk-tuk, or public bus. Also, you can ride Grab Bike to go to tourist attractions. If you want to get a taxi, it is also economical. However, traffic is a big problem. But do not worry, people are very respectful while they are driving on the traffic.

Bangkok is a very touristic and historical city. It was one of the important cities in the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Around 22 million tourists visit here every year. So the sector of tourism helps Thailand’s economy grows. Aside from the tourist spots in the city, there are many places to enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok.

1- The Grand Palace

If you want to experience and witness Thai culture and history, you should definitely visit The Grand Palace. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. This magnificent palace was built in 1782. It hosted the royal family and the government until 1925. But it still keeps being the heart of the Thailand Kingdom.

The architecture of the place is amazing. The Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew) is located in the palace area. It is the most important temple in Bangkok. You should also see the Emerald Buddha Sculpture here. Because Emerald Buddha Sculpture is the most important symbol of Buddhism.

grand palace bangkok places to visit in thailand

Grand Palace, Bangkok – Places to visit in Thailand

2- Wat Pho

Wat Pho is one of the best places to visit in Bangkok. It is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. The sculpture of the reclining Buddha is one of the famous things in the city. Many tourists come here to see its unique and big shape. Its length is 46 meters. Also, you can get a traditional Thai massage here.

This place is only 10 minutes walking distance to the Grand Palace. You can come here on your own. Also, you can book a tour on the GetYourGuide website to visit.

wat pho reclining buddha statue things to do in bangkok thailand

Wat Pho – Reclining Buddha Statue – Things to do in Bangkok – The capital city of Thailand

3- Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew is a temple which is famous for its Emerald Buddha Sculpture. It is the most sacred and precious place in the Grand Palace. The sculpture is a significant symbol of Buddism. The height of the statue is 66 cm. Actually, it is a copy of the original one. Because only kings can touch the original one.

wat phra kaew places to visit in bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew – Beautiful places to visit in Bangkok

4- Floating Markets

One of the most interesting to do in Bangkok is shopping at the floating markets. If you want to buy traditional stuff in Thailand, you should see the floating markets. You can try Thai street food, tropical fruits, and buy local clothes here. There are 6 different markets. The most famous one is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It’s huge, lively, colorful, full of boats selling food and fruits.

Amphawa, Taling Chan, Khlong Lat Mayom, Bang Nam Pheung, and Tha Kha Floating Markets are other popular places where you can go for shopping. You can go there on your own. Also, you can join a half-day tour to see the markets. Check this link to book a tour.

damnoen saduak floating market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

5- Wat Arun – Places to Visit in Bangkok

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) is the most frequently used structure in Thailand’s promotional books. It is also one of the most well-known symbols of the country. The temple is located on the west of the Chao Phraya River, and directly opposite the Grand Palace. The 5-story temple was built during the Ayutthaya Kingdom.

The height of Wat Arun is 82 meters. Its architecture with Chinese porcelain amazes people. Besides the temple offers a fascinating view during sunsets and night lighting.

places to visit in bangkok wat arun

Places to visit in Bangkok – Wat Arun

6- Wat Traimit

Wat Tramit Temple has the largest Golden Buddha Statue in the world. The statue was made by Sukhothai style 700 years ago. Its height is almost 5 meters. It has 5 and a half tons of gold but they covered it with white plaster many years ago so that it would not be stolen by Burmese warriors. Its original form was noticed in 1955 when it was accidentally dropped while moving to its current location. So people noticed that it has gold.

The stunningly beautiful statue is exhibited on the 4th floor of the temple. On the second floor of the building, there is a museum where you can learn about local history and the past of China. If you want to visit this place, Wat Traimit is on the west of Hua Lamphong Train Station.

wat traimit golden buddle temple

Wat Traimit – Golden Buddha Statue & Temple

7- Chinatown – Places to Visit in Bangkok

Bangkok Chinatown is among the beautiful places to visit in Bangkok. You can find exotic, colorful, crowded, narrow streets, street food, and shops selling products from China. It is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. It is very active both at night and during the day. There are also Chinese temples in the region where shopping enthusiasts can find different products and can also be visited by history buffs.

Chinatown hosts Wat Traimit and Golden Buddha Statue. It is also a nice place for gastronomy enthusiasts who want to taste the unique flavors in Southeast Asia. If you wanna see this Chinatown, it is Charoenkrung Road.


Chinatown – One of the most crowded places in the city – Moreover, it is good for cheap shopping

8- Khao San Road

Khao San Road is the meeting place for backpackers in Bangkok. It is one of Thailand’s most popular and still the most affordable streets. Khao San Road was the rice market of Bangkok just 20 years ago. But now it has become a home for low budget travelers.

Bangkok nightlife is very vibrant here. You can enjoy your night at any place in Khao San Road. Beer and other drinks are very cheap. You should also try Thai street foods and tropical fruits here. Aside from that, if you want to stay at cheap hotels or hostels, you probably will choose this area to stay. So please check this hotel list on the booking website.

bangkok nightlife khao san road

Bangkok Nightlife – Khao San Road – It is also known as Backpacker Area.

9- Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the liveliest, most fun, and colorful places in the city. There are more than 9,000 stalls waiting for those who love shopping, antiques, and interesting goods at Chatuchak Weekend Market. More than 20 thousand people visit the market,. It is open on Saturdays and Sundays between 07.00-18.00. You can find whatever comes to your mind here. By the way, do not forget to bargain.


Chatuchak Weekend Market – Cheap shopping in Thailand

10- Patpong – Best Places to Visit in Bangkok at Night

If you want to enjoy Bangkok nightlife, you should visit Patpong. Because it is one of the most famous red-light district areas in the world. It is one of the centers of nightlife with its bars, restaurants, strip clubs, street vendors, and stalls in the city. You can tour Nana and Soi Cowboy districts at night.

There are many seductive shows and bars in this vibrant place. It will make your night unforgettable. When you dive into one of the go-go bars, you are sure to experience one of the wildest moments of your life. If you dive into their venues, go to the places you have searched for before, on the main streets. Because some places are not that safe for tourists.

One of the best things to do in Bangkok is shopping at Patpong Night Market. There is a lot of stuff you can buy. It is quite colorful. Handcrafted designs and imitations of Rolex and YSL brands are very popular. Hard bargaining is a must.

11- Jim Thompson House

One of the best places to visit in Bangkok is Jim Thomson House. Jim Thompson House is a museum today. It is a building belonging to the American merchant Jim Thompson, who introduced Thai silk to the world. II. During World War II, CIA agent Jim Thompson, who was sent by the US to Thailand, settled in Bangkok after the war ended.  He is also known as the Thai Silk King.

The invaluable house has a restaurant where you can taste traditional Thai cuisine. There is also a store selling various objects made with Thai silk, and photographs and documents presenting Thompson’s belongings and pictures of his life.

12- Lumpini Park – Places to Visit in Bangkok

Lumpini Park covers an area of more than 500 thousand square meters. The park has a very rich place in terms of plant and species diversity. If you are interested in bird watching, this might be the place for you. There are also walking and cycling paths.

If you want to breathe fresh air and see the green area, you can come here. It is a very peaceful place. However, you might see komodo dragons around Lumpini Park. So you must be careful with the komodo dragon.

lumpini park komodo dragon

Lumpini Park – Komodo Dragon – However it is a nice place to feel relaxed

13- Siam Square

Siam Square is one of the modern places to visit in Bangkok. Apart from the traditional life in the city, here are luxury malls, and restaurants. You can also do shopping at these malls such as Siam ParagonMBK Center, and Siam Square One near the square.

There are good cafes and bars around here. So you can have a quality time and enjoy Bangkok nightlife in around Siam Square. Also If you want to stay in this area, here is the hotel list you might book on.

14- Bangkok National Museum

Bangkok National Museum is the biggest museum in Southeast Asia. It was built as Prince Want Na’s palace in 1782. The palace was converted into a museum in 1884. In the museum, there are many works belonging to the cultural heritage of Thailand and neighboring countries.

A variety of weapons, musical instruments, textiles, and household items specific to Southeast Asian culture are on display here in chronological order. You can also see some objects used by the Thai royal family. If you would like to go to the museum, the entrance fee is 200 Thai Baht.

bangkok national museum places to visit in thailand

Bangkok National Museum – Places to visit in Thailand

15- Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is an ancient city founded by King U-thong in 1351. It is a region that was the capital of ancient Thailand for more than 400 years. The country was called Siam at that time. The city has a mystical atmosphere. Moreover, you will see the best stone carving. One of the most beautiful, most impressive, and magnificent ancient cities in the world. Moreover, Ayutthaya is on UNESCO World Heritage List.

There are 504 temples in the ancient city consisting of temples and palaces. Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Wat Ratchaburana, and Wat Yai Chai Mongkol are among the most famous temples. Moreover, the architecture of the temples is amazing. Also, you can take the best photos during the sunset.

ayutthaya how to go

Ayutthaya Temple – How to go to Thailand

Bangkok Nightlife – Places to Visit in Thailand

Bangkok nightlife is very lively and colorful. You can hang out with other backpackers or local people you just met. Especially in Khao San Road is the best place to hang out for foreign backpackers. There are many affordable places to drink and eat at night. Also, you can visit nightclubs and bars as well.

For quality nightclubs and bars, you should go to Nana Plaza, Royal City Avenue and Sukhumvit Soi. Also, Thailand nightlife is famous with sex tourism. There are many red light districts in Bangkok and other cities in the country. If you are into red-light districts, you can go to Soi Cowboi for that. Another option is you can go to Pattaya where is 155 km away from Bangkok.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

There are many alternatives to stay in Bangkok. For example, Cheap hotels, luxury accommodation, affordable hostels etc. Here are some areas where you might stay:

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