Manila Nightlife – Best Bars and Nightclubs

Manila nightlife offers many things to enjoy at night. Because the capital city of the Philippines is one of the best nightlife cities in the country. It is a very enjoyable city. So, where are the best places, bars, or clubs to visit in the city at night? In this article, I will give you useful information about the nightlife here.

Philippines Manila Nightlife Royal Night Club Makati

Philippines Manila Nightlife – Royal Club Makati

First of all, I want to remind you something. Before traveling to the Philippines, I strongly recommend you to read my following articles to plan your itinerary;

Manila Nightlife

There are many options to enjoy at night in Manila. Regions in Metro Manila such as Makati City, Malate, and Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Bare preferred much by people. So you will witness Filipinos and foreign tourists having fun in those places at night. Because these places are the safest areas in Manila.

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Where to Go in Makati City at Night

Makati is knowns as ‘Manila’s Manhattan ‘. So it is one of the capital’s most developed and safe places. It is a region famous for its skyscrapers and where rich people live. Still, we can say that it is cheap to enjoy at nightclubs or bars in Makati City in general.

The most vibrant place in Makati for nightlife is P. Burgos Street in Poblacion district, aka the ‘Manila Red Light District‘. Because many foreigners come to this street for sex tourism. On this street, you will witness that many prostitutes are standing.

Manila Nightlife Makati Burgos Street Red Light District

Manila Nightlife – Makati Burgos Street (Red Light District)

There are also many Filipino girls looking for a massage client on this street. In addition, you will see many ladyboys in this region. Despite all, there are good places to have fun on and near this street.

Let’s talk about the best nightclubs and nice bars in Makati, one of the most vibrant places in terms of Manila nightlife;

1- Makati Royal Nightclub

Makati Royal Nightclub is one of Manila’s best nightclubs located in the Poblacion area. The entrance to this place is 500 pesos, which makes about 10 dollars. But for Filipino ladies, admission is free.

Especially Friday and Saturday nights are one of the most energetic times of the place. It is located on General Luna Street. Check their Facebook page for the events.

2- Black Market Makati

Black Market is one of the best places to visit in Metro Manila. It is a place you can enjoy from 10 pm to 4 pm. There is a good dance floor for dancing.

I highly recommend it. Because prices are very cheap. Beer prices start at 120 pesos. The entrance fee is 300 pesos. Click for the web page of the club.

Manila Nightlife Makati Black Market

Manila Nightlife – Makati Black Market – Dance & Night Club

3- H&J Sport Bar

It is a bar, especially where foreign expats who living in Manila visit. It is a great place to meet new people to socialize or to spend time. So if you are unsure about ‘where to go tonight’, I recommend this place.

This place is a sports bar. You can watch live any game or football match on TV here. Aside from H&J, you can also go to Howzat Bar which is a nice sports bar in Makati as well.

When it comes to prices, beer prices start at around 100 pesos. Cocktails are around 200 pesos. One of the cheapest drinks is San Miguel Light, which is the local Philippine beer.

Makati Poblacion H&J Sports Bar

Makati Poblacion – H&J Sports Bar

4- Firefly Roofdeck

This is the rooftop bar on the top floor of the City Garden Grand Hotel building on Makati Avenue. It is a place where you can sit and have something to eat and drink against the wonderful city view.

Although the food prices are not very cheap, it is worth it to eat or drink here. As a beverage, cocktail prices start from 220 pesos here. This will be a nice place for those who want to spend a quiet Manila nightlife.

Firefly Roofdeck Makati City

Firefly Roofdeck – Makati City Garden Hotel

Manila Malate Nightlife

Malate region is one of the places preferred by tourists after Makati. Consequently, the nightlife here is also very vibrant.

Especially Adriatico Street has an energetic atmosphere until late hours. There are lots of quality cafes and restaurants on Adriatico Street. Also in this area, there are a lot of bars called KTV. I’ve never been in, but I’ve heard that Filipino girls work in these bars.

There is a good place in Malate that I recommend as a nightclub; Exklusiv. It is one of the most active nightclubs in Manila, where most students go. That’s why they describe themselves as the hottest nightlife destination in Malate. It is incredibly energetic, especially after midnight. The entrance is free and moreover, the drink prices are cheap. Beers started at 90 pesos.

Malate Exklusiv Metro Manila nightlife

Malate Exklusiv – Metro Manila nightlife

Another place in Malate is LA Cafe. La Cafe is one of the places frequented by foreigners and Filipino girls. It is located in the Ermita region near Malate and opens 24/7. This place is also like a sports bar. The entrance of the first floor is free, but if you want to go to the second floor, which has live music, you have to pay a fee. Beer prices also start at 120 pesos.

Bonifacio Global City Night Clubs (BGC, Taguig)

BGC area is one of the safest and most developed areas in Metro Manila just like Makati City. There are quality restaurants and cafes, especially on Bonifacio High Street. Bonifacio High Street is also like an open-air mall.  If you are thinking about where to stay in Manila, this place may be an alternative for you.

As for the nightlife, there are very high-quality bars, pubs, and nightclubs here. But compared to Makati and Malate, we can say a bit expensive. If you do not have a budget problem, you can choose the BGC to enjoy the Manila nightlife.

1- XYLO at the Place

XYLO at the Place is one of the most popular nightspots, not only in BGC but also in Manila. It is a bit more expensive than other places due to the elite people going more. Admission is around 1000 Philippines Pesos. The cheapest beer, San Mig Light, costs 200 pesos.

This place is better known as the old name Valkyrie. You can get information about night activities from this page.

BGC XYLO at the Place Valkyrie

BGC – XYLO at the Place (Valkyrie) – Taguig

2- Revel at the Place

Revel at the Place is another entertainment venue adjacent to XYLO. Their prices are kinda the same. This nightclub, which has a nice ambiance, is open from 10 am to 5 pm. It is among the options that can be preferred for crazy dancing. You can get information about events from their Facebook page.

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