Budva Nightlife – Best Bars & Clubs

Budva is one of the most vibrant holiday destinations in the Balkans in terms of nightlife. Especially in this city, which has a coast to the Adriatic Sea, beach parties are lively during the summer season. Therefore, the atmosphere in Budva is very energetic at night. In this travel guide, I will tell you about Budva nightlife, pubs, bars, clubs, and the best places to spend time at night.

Budva Nightlife What to do in the city at night

Budva Nightlife – What to do in the city at night

When it comes to places to visit in Montenegro, the first cities that come to mind are Kotor and Budva. Therefore, many tourists visit these cities, especially in the summer months. As a matter of fact, the entertainment industry has also been positively affected by this situation.

There are many beautiful and high-quality bars, cafes, and nightclubs in tourist cities. Whether you spend the day calmly in any cafe or dance wildly in any club. The choice is yours. Especially in Budva, you will enjoy it. Also, read this travel guide: Things to Do in Budva

Budva Nightlife

Budva is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Montenegro but also in the Balkans. Especially the medieval Old Town (Stari Grad) region is the kind that makes tourists fall in love with it. In addition, Budva beaches and Sveti Stefan Island are among the most visited destinations by people.

Budva is a city known mostly for its sea tourism. As the answer to the question of whether it is Budva or Kotor, many say Budva is for sea tourism. In addition, the nightlife is more active compared to the city of Kotor.

Teatro Budva Slovenska Plaza Montenegro

Teatro Budva Slovenska Plaza – Montenegro

With entertainment venues, concerts, beach parties, and nightclubs in the Old Town area, Montenegro Budva nightlife is really amazing. By the way, check the hotel list to stay in Budva:

So what to do and how to spend time at night in Budva? Which is the best night place, and which bars to go to in the city?

1- Slovenska Plaza

Slovenska Plaza is a beach where you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun on the Adriatic coast during the day, as well as have fun at night. Because there are many bars along Slovenska Plaza. You can also drink your cocktail while watching the sunset in these places or on the beach.

We can say that these beach bar-style venues are actually open all day long. There are even table settings for dining. Some bars in Slovenska Plaza are open until 8 pm, while others are open until midnight or even later.

Hide Club The best nightclubs in Montenegro

Hide Club – The best nightclubs in Montenegro

Budva is known for hosting crazy parties in summer on Slovenska Beach, which is also on the list of places to visit in Montenegro. In addition to these parties, drinking cocktails or other alcohol which are prepared by competent bartenders also makes people who spend their holidays here happy.

The most popular places on Slovenska Beach are Teatro Budva, Torch Beach Club, San Trope, Shkoljka Beach Bar, Hide Club, and Azzuro Beach. In fact, even if you do not go to these places, you can buy your drink from the market and spend your night along this beach.

2- Budva Beach Parties – Nightlife

Beach parties are very enjoyable in Montenegro after sunset. Some of the people who visit the city in the summer months prefer the open air to party. That’s why crazy parties are held on the beaches of the Adriatic coast.

Especially Jaz and Ploce Beaches are the most preferred places for Montenegro Budva nights. Jaz Beach is located west of the Old Town, near Fort Morgen. You can reach it in 10 minutes by car. On the other hand, Ploce Beach is located a little further away after passing Jaz Beach.

Sea Dance Festival Buljarica Beach parties Budva nightlife

Sea Dance Festival – Buljarica Beach parties – Budva nightlife

Jaz Beach hosted the Sea Dance Festival from 2014 to 2017. Held towards the end of August, the Sea Dance Festival is currently held at Buljarica Beach, near Petrovac. If you come across it, I say go for it.

Ploce Beach has advanced sound systems. It hosts legendary and fascinating pool parties. You can also make your Montenegro trip unique by taking a short boat ride here.

3- Top Hill

Top Hill is located on top of a hill, just 8 minute drive north from Budva Old Town Stari Grad. The place offers a legendary and breathtaking view.

Top Hill is one of the amazing nightclubs in Budva. It is open until the early hours of the morning with its advanced laser and solar strip effect lighting systems, as well as its extraordinary sound system. So all kinds of things are available here for people to go crazy over. The nightclub, where special events are held from time to time, is very crowded, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Top Hill Nightclub Where to go after sunset

Top Hill Nightclub- Where to go after sunset

Standing out with its huge dance floor, Top Hill is also quite different from ordinary nightclubs with its vodka, wine, hookah bars, and jacuzzi. DJ performances in the venue, which has a high atmosphere, make people excited while others are delighted in their VIP seats.

Top Hill nightclub entrance fee varies according to the events of that day. While some evenings are free until 12 at night, after 12 you have to pay 5 Euros. If there is a big event or organization, there may be variability in the entrance prices.

4- Old Fisherman’s Pub

Old Fisherman’s Pub is another place where you can go for Montenegro nightlife in this country. This is also a place where you can taste Montenegrin food and have a drink. It is also open during the day. Open from 8 in the morning until 1 at night.

Here you can try ales and healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Besides, it has a rich menu with homemade pizzas, local beers, malts, and champagnes.

Fisherman's Pub Things to do in Budva Nightlife

Fisherman’s Pub – Things to do in Budva Nightlife

Near Budva Harbor, Old Fisherman’s Pub is one of the places preferred by those who want to spend a quiet night. Prices are also quite reasonable. Even while city tour, you can sit and rest some here.

5- Casper Bar

Casper Bar is one of the entertainment venues preferred by jazz music lovers. It is located in the Old Town. Casper Bar is one of the well-established businesses in the city. Unlike other bars and pubs, it welcomes its visitors in a lemon tree garden. We can actually call it an open-air bar or cafe.

You can listen to live music performances and local DJs here. So you can have fun and socialize in this beautiful place during Budva nightlife. It is also among the favorite places of those who want to be a little tipsy without participating in crazy parties in other places.

Casper Bar Oldtown Places to visit in Montenegro

Casper Bar Oldtown – Places to visit in Montenegro

6- Budva Theater City – Montenegro Nightlife

Budva Theater City is an essential event for those looking for a more cultured Montenegro nightlife experience. This event is held in the summer, usually between June and August. It is organized by the municipality. The festival hosts concerts and art performances in various squares and areas of the city.

The festival instantly transforms the Old Town into an open-air stage. Especially attending the concert or event at the Citadel Fortress near the Adriatic Sea is a wonderful experience. Attending such a modern event in this historical city gives people different emotions.

Budva Nightlife Dance in Old Town

Budva Nightlife – Dance in Old Town

7- Omnia Night Club

Omnia Night Club is one of the liveliest nightclubs in Budva. When you enter, a glamorous lounge area welcomes you. On the dance floor, which is full of high tables, you can drink and enjoy the DJ’s performance.

The interior is dazzlingly illuminated. Especially the laser lighting system and the music-synchronized by the DJs make people excited. Occasionally, live bands take the stage here. So if you’re wondering how the Montenegro Budva nightlife is, you should definitely stop by here.

Omnia Nightclub One of the most famous clubs

Omnia Nightclub – One of the most famous clubs

8- Club Ambiente

Club Ambiente, one of the lively venues of the city, is located by the sea and along the promenade. In the place where crazy DJs take the stage, Montenegro Budva nightlife prices are also affordable.

If we talk briefly about Montenegro nightlife prices, beers range from 3 Euros to 2-3 Euros in other venues. It varies between 6-8 Euros for drinks such as vodka and whiskey, depending on their brands. If you visit here during happy hours, you can buy vodka shots for a very affordable price.

Ambiente has a pretty cool design. The venue, which is mostly preferred by young people, does not have an entrance fee, or dress code. If you are undecided about what to do in Budva at night, this is definitely one of the options.

Club Ambiente Budva Nightlife

Club Ambiente – Budva Nightlife