Boracay Nightlife – Best Bars & Clubs

Boracay nightlife is very vibrant and fun. Because there are many good bars and nightclubs on the island. Many tourists come here for a vacation to explore the island and also enjoy the nightlife. You can do swimming, diving, snorkeling, or other activities in the daytime. But fun things and crazy parties will be waiting for you at night here.

Club Galaxy Boracay Nightlife

Club Galaxy – Boracay Nightlife Travel Guide

There are many nice bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and pubs on Boracay Island. Almost all of these are located in a line along the White BeachBoracay nightlife is very vibrant, especially in Station 2If you want to join the parties every night, staying at Station 2 is a good option for you. Although the island is small, it will not be a problem if you stay in other places.

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Boracay Nightlife

There are many nightclubs you can dance or bars you drink at near White Beach. I will tell you what places you should go to.

Nightclubs and bars are very close to each other. So you can try all places at night. Also, you can attend the ‘Pub Crawl’ event at night. This event offers you taste different drinks by visiting most bars and meet many new friends. If you are a solo traveler you can do that.

If you don’t want to go to any bars or nightclubs, you can just buy your drink from the ‘7 eleven’ market and then sit at the beach. You can relax in White Beach the whole night. Or else you can walk along the beach.

Also, you will see fire dance shows and live music at some restaurants and hotels near White Beach. If you want, you can sit here and watch the show while drinking.

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1- Epic – Boracay Nightlife

Epic is one of the best nightclubs in Boracay. It is very crowded every night. It is one of the nice places preferred by both Filipino people and foreigners.

Epic Boracay nightlife best bars clubs

Epic Boracay nightlife – Best bars & clubs

This nightclub has a very energetic atmosphere. Parties continue until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. The entrance fee is 300 pesos including 3 drinks. Local beer prices start from 100 pesos.

Epic Boracay also serves as a restaurant during the day. Therefore, it is also a place where you can eat and drink something. Epic is at Station 2.

2- Summer Place

This place is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy on Boracay Island. The entrance is 300 pesos but sometimes it can be free.

Drink prices are about the same as Epic. It opens at 6 pm and the fun continues until 4 o’clock in the morning. Summer Place is located at Station 2.

Summer Place What to do in Boracay

Summer Place – What to do in Boracay at night

3- Boracay Stars – Philippines Nightlife

Boracay Stars is located in Station 3. The place doesn’t charge any entrance fee. Drink prices are also cheap. For example, local beer San Mig starts at 80 pesos. It is open until 2-3 am.

4- Cocomangas Shooter Bar

Cocomangas Shooter Bar is located at Station 1. The place, which is open until 3 am, is famous for its 15 shots challenge. Beer prices start at 100 pesos.

Cocomangas is also famous as a place where people who want to meet girls. If you want to meet Filipino girls, you can come here. They are very sociable and friendly. And they can speak English very well.

5- Exit Bar – Boracay Nightlife

It is a nice place where both Filipinos and expats prefer and hang out. For Boracay nightlife, it is one of the best bars to visit on Boracay Island. Beer prices are very cheap compared to other nightclubs. It is around 60 pesos.

Exit Bar Boracay Nightlife

Exit Bar – Boracay Nightlife

6- Coco Bar

Coco Bar is one of the beautiful venues on Boracay Island that makes a difference with its colorful lighting. Its color changes every 30 minutes. So the atmosphere is very energetic here.

It is a beautiful place with its music. It is also a place where you can have fun playing some games such as ‘Jenga’.

Coco Bar

Coco Bar

7- Pats Creek Bar

Pats Creek Bar has a nice live music event. So If you want to listen to music at night, you can have good moments in this place. This is one of the places where you can listen to any kind of music until 2 am.

There is no entrance fee. If you want to drink, the prices of beer are around 80 pesos.

Pats Creek Bar

Pats Creek Bar

8- Club Galaxy

Club Galaxy is air-conditioned and has the biggest dance floor in Boracay. It can accommodate around 3000 people. You can also experience many events here. They regularly bring over popular and good DJs from other areas of the Philippines.

Club Galaxy is located near Bulabog Beach. There is no entrance fee. But if you want, you can pay 2000 pesos to have a small table.
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