Things to Do in Munich – Best Tourist Spots

Where to visit in Munich? What places should be included in the list of places to visit in Munich? Munich is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. So many travelers visit this city to explore tourist spots. Because it has historic places, natural beauties, and different cultures. In this travel guide, I will tell you the top things to do in Munich Germany.

Top Things to do in Munich Tourist Attractions

Top Things to do in Munich – Tourist Attractions

Although Munich got heavy damage during World War II, it is very different from other German settlements with its cultural and architectural richness. It is also the capital of the State of Bavaria and the third-largest city in Germany.

Best Things to Do in Munich

Munich is one of the most developed cities in Europe today. It has a fantastic atmosphere. Historical churches, synagogues, museums, beer, football stuff, and more make this city amazing.

If you have a tour plan for places to visit in Munich, I recommend that you add the following sightseeing routes to your itinerary. But before starting to talk about tourist attractions in Munich, I want to tell you about popular hotels to stay in.

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So you can book your place from the booking application online. After booking let’s talk about the best things to do in Munich Germany.

1- Marienplatz

You can put Marienplatz at the top of your list of places to visit in Munich. Because it has a lively atmosphere and it homes to the most important historical buildings of the city.

Marienplatz Top places to visit in Munich Germany

Marienplatz – Top places to visit in Munich Germany

After the city was founded, Marienplatz was used as a place where criminals were punished and executions were carried out for a while.

This square is also kind of a religious place. Because during the last plague epidemic, local people gathered here to pray to the Virgin Mary. In fact, in 1658, a statue depicting the religious figure from which it was named was placed in the middle of the square.

Today, the square continues to be one of the favorite places that foreign travelers visit in Munich. You will feel the historic German atmosphere here.

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2- Alter Peter (St. Peter’s Church)

When you enter, you can find important clues about the change in German art over hundreds of years. St Peter’s Church dates back to the end of the 12th century.

Alter Peter is considered the oldest religious structure in the city. It was expanded in the Gothic style after the big fire in 1327. At the beginning of the 17th century, it was completely renovated with a design that blends Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Alter Peter St. Peter's Church Where to go in Germany

Alter Peter, St. Peter’s Church – Where to go in Germany

The church takes its name from the Statue of St. Peter, the work of Erasmus Grasser, one of the important architects of the 16th century. You can also find the opportunity to examine the works signed by Jan Polack and Ignaz Günther when you visit the church.

When you climb the 306-step staircase to the 92-meter-high tower of the religious building, you can enjoy the magnificent view just like in the Frauenkirche.

3- Frauenkirche

Frauenkirche is known as the Munich Cathedral. It was built between 1468 and 1488 under the supervision of Jörg von Halbach.

Financial problems during the construction of the church caused the construction of many parts, especially the towers, to be completed in different years.

Frauenkirche München Best Things to do in Munich Travel Guilde Blog

Frauenkirche München – Best Things to do in Munich – Travel Guide Blog

For example, the dome of the Italian Renaissance-style building was completed in 1524. The construction of the towers, which had different lengths due to the lack of materials, was completed in 1525.

Most of the decorations inside the church belong to II. It was destroyed during World War II. Despite the heavy destruction, an interesting detail such as the “Devil’s Foot” at the entrance has managed to survive.

One of the top things to do in Munich is to watch the city view from the South Tower. I highly recommend you to visit here.

4- Neues Rathaus

Neues Rathaus means New Town Hall in English. It was built between 1898-1905. So it is a very historic building in the city.

The neo-Gothic style designed building has 400 rooms inside. Travelers can visit some sections inside the building by participating in guided tours organized on certain days of the week.

München Neues Rathaus New Town Hall Europe Trip

München Neues Rathaus – New Town Hall – Europe Trip

The clock tower (Glockenspiel) hosts the two most exciting parts of the New Town Hall. If you wish, you can go to the top of the 85-meter tower via the elevator and enjoy the view, or you can stand in front of the building and watch the show in the section just below the clock. The entrance fee is 10 Euros.

Performed by 43 bells and 32 figures, the show consists of two parts. The upper part symbolizes the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V to Renata of Lothringen, and the lower part represents the dance of the barrel makers. You can book your tour online. So one of the interesting things to do in Munich is to experience this historic building.

5- Nymphenburg Palace

The construction of Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg) was started as a summer residence in 1664. In the process until 1758, many additions were made to the residence, and it began to be called a palace.

The historical building belonged to the Wittelsbach Family until the 1918 Revolution. However, after that, the government has taken this Baroque-style building. And the family that used to own it was granted a limited right of residence.

Nymphenburg Palace Things to do in Munich Best Tourist Spots

Nymphenburg Palace – Things to do in Munich – Best Tourist Spots

Today, the palace is one of the most important attractions of Munich. Because it has magnificent gardens and museums.

The gardens offer uniquely beautiful nature views to their guests with their fountains, different types of plants, and trees. Also, there are some events like concert organizations since 2004.

When you reach the building, I recommend you to first wander around its gardens, then go inside and visit the Museum of Human and Nature, the Stone Hall, the Gallery of Beautiful Women, and the section where the Horse Carriages Collection is exhibited. The entrance fee is 11.50 Euros

6- English Garden (Englischer Garten)

English Garden is one of the largest urban parks in Europe. It was established in 1789 in line with the order of Karl Teodor to create a green area for public use on the banks of the Isar River.

Today, the park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Munich. Because it offers to its guests a nice atmosphere within an area of 3.7 square kilometers.

Englischer Garten Must see places in Munich

Englischer Garten – Must see places in Munich

Located 5 kilometers north of Prinzregentenstrasse; you can take time for cycling, relaxing, and walking. If you like to surf, you can get a board and fight the waves at Eisbachwelle.

When you want to have a beer and have pleasant conversations, you can go to the garden with a capacity of 7 thousand of people near the China Tower. A few steps from Munich’s second-largest beer garden, the tower was built for the 1972 Olympic Games.

7- Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum is the world’s largest in the field of science and technology. The museum was founded in 1903 by the German Chamber of Engineers under the leadership of Oscar von Miller.

The museum consists of more than 100 thousand objects. There are many interesting sections in the Deutsches Museum. So you have to spend at least 2 hours in order to visit all of them. In some of these sections, information about glassblowing and papermaking is given.

Deutsches Museum What to do in Germany

Deutsches Museum – What to do in Germany

In the museum, where you can visit areas designed to be exact replicas of coal and salt mines, you can also expand your knowledge about cave paintings, geodesy, microelectronics, and astronomy. You can even take a closer look at some of the most important works of German engineering.

You have to pay 12 euros to enter Deutsches Museum. It is a really must-see tourist attraction in Munich.

8- BMW Museum – Top Things to Do in Munich

You can find information about the history of the German automotive giant and the old models it produced in The BMW Museum. It was opened to visitors just before the 1972 Summer Olympic Games.

The museum welcomes its guests in a structure connected to the company’s headquarters and the theme area called BMW World. BMW Museum emphasizes the development of the brand from its early years to the present. So you really should see that.

BMW Museum Tourist Attractions

BMW Museum – Tourist Attractions

So one of the top things to do in Munich is to explore this museum. Its location is Am Olympiapark 2, 80809 München.

9- Olympiaturm

Olympiapark & Olympiaturm is located close to the BMW Museum. It was built for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

The area of the Olympic Park is also kind of historic place. Because the first zeppelin landed here in 1909. But now it hosts sports and entertainment organizations. Locals and travelers can also visit the park for outdoor and indoor sports opportunities whenever they wish.

Olympiapark & Olympiaturm Fun Things to do in Munich

Olympiapark & Olympiaturm – Fun Things to do in Munich

You can also visit the Olympic Stadium and Sea Life here on foot or by taking the tour bus. It will be a great experience for you.

The 290-meter-high Olympic Tower draws the greatest attention. You can have a pleasant time by watching the city view from the top of the tower. On clear days, the Alps can be seen from the viewing section of the tower.

10- Viktualienmarkt

One of the best things to do in Munich is shopping at Viktualienmarkt. Also If you like to visit the street markets in the cities you travel to, you can include Viktualienmartkt in your itinerary in München. You can reach it in a short time by walking from Marienplatz, in your list of places to visit in Munich.

Viktualienmarkt What to Buy from Munich Best German Products

Viktualienmarkt – What to Buy from Munich – Best German Products

The market is shown as one of the best in Central Europe due to its gourmet delicacies. It was initially established in Marienplatz. However, when the area started to become small, it was moved to its current location in 1807. So it is a very historic market.

You can find many different products from fresh fruits and vegetables to cheese, jams, and mushrooms in the market. No matter what day of the week you go here, except Sunday, you can find a very lively beer garden and delicious food.

11- Asamkirche (Asam Church)

The Asamkirche is a very historic church in Munich. It was built between 1733 and 1746. The church is very close to Sendliger also.

Asamkirche Asam Church Historic Places to visit in Munich

Asamkirche, Asam Church – Historic Places to visit in Munich

It was named after the surnames of two brothers who played an important role in its construction. This charming religious building is the most important representative of the Late-Baroque style in the city.

The church is decorated with gilded garlands, twisted columns, and marbles. But the most spectacular part of Asamkirche is the ceiling fresco depicting the life of St. John Nepomuk.

12- Odeonsplatz – Things to Do in Munich

Odeonsplatz has amazing Italian-style architecture. The square attracts large audiences with its entertainment opportunities and cultural events it hosts. Moreover, there are many attraction points with different characteristics around the socially colorful area.

München Odeonsplatz Things to do in Munich Travel

München Odeonsplatz – Things to do in Munich – Travel

If you go to Munich before Christmas, I recommend that you stop by the market set up in the area just behind the square. There are also many places to see around. For example, you can visit the Munchen Residenz, the popular nightclub Film casino, Ludwidstrasse, Leopoldstrasse, the University of Munich, and then the Siegestor.

If you feel tired while spending time at Odeonsplatz, you can take a break at the Hofgarten.

13- Theatinerkirche -Things to Do in Munich

Theatinerkriche is built between 1663 and 1690 under the supervision of Swiss architect Enrico Zuccalli. The Baroque style design of Theatinerkirche was inspired by Sant’ Andrea della Valle in Rome.

The religious building became one of the symbols of the city in a short time thanks to its mustard yellow color and architectural splendor. It was also built to celebrate the birth of Crown Prince Max Emanuel.

Theatinerkirche Trip to Munich Tourist Attractions Photography

Theatinerkirche – Trip to Munich – Tourist Attractions Photography

The church has the graves of many members of the Bavarian Royal Family. So it is a very important place for Bavarian. It can be easily recognized from the high parts of the city thanks to its twin towers and ostentatious dome reminiscent of its Roman counterparts. So Theatinerkirche is one of the historic places to visit in Munich Germany.

14- Maximilianstraße

Maximilianstraße is located between Max-Joseph-Platz and the Maximilianeum. It is named after the Bavarian King Maximilian II who ordered to build it.

The street, which was started to be built in 1850 in order to bring a new architectural style to the city, can easily find itself in the lists of places to visit in Munich by fashion-loving travelers due to the luxury shopping opportunities on the west side.

On the street, which also hosts luxury accommodation options, shops belonging to world-renowned brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Versace operate. You can also visit high-end art galleries and jewelers on the boulevard, which is close to Brienner Street, another popular shopping area.

Where to stay in Munich? You can book your hotel near Maximilianstraße.

15- Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall)

If you turn your back on the New Town Hall and look to the right, you can see the Altes Rathaus. The Old Town Hall can be easily distinguished from other buildings in the square thanks to its triangular roof and light colors. It was first built by Jörg von Halsbach in 1460.

Altes Rathaus old town hall things to do in Munich travel guide

Altes Rathaus Old Town Hall – Things to do in Munich – Travel guide

However, this building became unusable twice, due to fire and then to the bombings during World War II. The current building, which you can see during your Munich holiday, is actually a replica built in accordance with the original.

Today, the Toy Museum operates in the south tower of the building. So if you have kids, one of the best things to do in Munich is to visit Altes Rathaus.

16- Munich Residenz – Things to Do in Germany

It is a very interesting place. Because Munich Residenz was built as a medieval castle in 1385. But it was converted into a palace over time and used as an administrative center by the Wittelsbach Dynasty between 1508 and 1918.

The decoration of its rooms and its art collections carry traces of different styles from Renaissance to Neo-Classicism, and the palace survived the Second World War with heavy damage. After the war, the city administration started its reconstruction without wasting time and opened the building to visitors.

German Palaces Munich Residenz Things to do in Germany Places to visit

German Palaces – Munich Residenz – Things to do in Germany – Places to visit

The palace is now known as the largest museum complex in Bavaria. In the section called Residenzmuseum, the lifestyle of the dynasty is described by dividing it into different periods.

Valuable artifacts and jewels are exhibited in the Treasury Room. If you want to see all the valuable details of the palace, which has 10 courtyards and more than 130 rooms, I definitely recommend you to take a guided tour. There are also some concert events here as well.

17- Bavarian State Opera (Bayerische Staatsoper)

Bavarian State Opera has a scene of magnificent performances every time. It first started to serve in 1818 when King Maximilian I thought the Cuvillies Theater within the Munich Residenz to be small.

When this building became unusable due to fire in 1923, a new one was built in a short time like 2 years. However, the new opera house did not last long due to World War II. Thereupon, in 1963, the construction of today’s building was undertaken by sticking to the original plans of Karl von Fischer.

It draws attention with its 2500 square meter giant stage. Here the audience has a chance to watch very important performances since 1849. If you want to see the admirable interior of the building, you must either buy tickets for the day of the screenings or join a guided tour.

18- Munich Stadtmuseum – Best Things to Do in Germany

 Munich Stadtmuseum welcomes its visitors in the Gothic-style building complex. It was used as a barn and arsenal in the past. So it is another historic structure in the city. It was founded in 1888 by Ernst von Destouches.

Here you can learn information about the history of Munich. Audio guides and booklets are used to provide more satisfying information about all the materials exhibited in the halls of the museum.

19- Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena was opened in 2005. It is the place where football-loving travelers come to the city after the Olympic Stadium.

The construction of the state-of-the-art stadium, where Bayern Munich plays its home matches both in the league and in the European cups, cost 340 million Euros.

Allianz Arena FC Bayern München Football Stadiım Tour

Allianz Arena – FC Bayern München Football Stadiım Tour

The capacity of the stadium, whose LED-covered outer walls take on different colors according to the theme determined on match days, increases to 75 thousand people in national matches.

If you want to visit the Allianz Arena, you can join guided tours. During the tours organized in groups of 20 people, the conference area, changing rooms, exit tunnel, and the exterior part of the building, which attracts great attention, are visited.

The tours also include the museum displaying the trophies and awards won by the world-renowned football club. You can get a tour reservation on the GetYourGuide website.

20- Hofbrauhaus

The last one on the list of places to visit in Munich is the famous beer house Hofbrauhaus. It is like a temple for travelers interested in gastronomy.

The history of the 3-story venue dates back to the 16th century. This historic beer house is famous for its shows and nice atmosphere. There used to be a distillery in the brewery owned by Munich’s famous beer brand Hofbrau. But now the focus is only on entertainment.

Hofbrauhaus Bar Where to drink beer in Munich Nightlife

Hofbrauhaus Bar – Where to drink beer in Munich – Nightlife

If you like beer, having fun, and getting to know the local culture, I would definitely recommend that you stop by during your visit to Marienplatz. Since it is completely closed, guests are not affected by the weather conditions in any way.

Also if you have enough time during your vacation in Munich, I highly recommend you to visit Neuschwanstein Castle which is around 2 hours away by train. Or you can get a tour by GetYourGuide.

Munich Nightlife – Things to Do in the Evening

At night, it attracts tourists with the activity of social life. In addition to the beauty of its historical texture, the nightlife is just as colorful and fun, which is a reason for holiday lovers to choose Munich.

Munich nightlife includes both locals and many foreign tourists with its colorful views, different nightclubs, and bars. When you go to Munich nightclubs, you will realize that Munich will continue to fascinate you at night as well as during the day.

Killian Irish Pub Fun things to do in Munich Nightlife

Killian Irish Pub – Fun things to do in Munich Nightlife

There is also Oktoberfest Beer Festival here. But still, you can enjoy the nightlife here even if you can not join the Oktoberfest event. So what are the fun things to do in Munich at night? I recommend you to experience these bars and clubs below.

  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Boilerman Bar
  • The Martini Club
  • Shakespeare
  • Folks Club
  • Bayerischer Hof Night Club
  • Couch Club
  • Killian Irish Pub

If you are going to visit Munich, you can add Paris and Frankfurt to your itinerary. So please read Frankfurt and Places to Visit in Paris travel guide.

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