Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers its guests many options in terms of things to do. Since it was under British rule for 135 years, you can easily observe the culture of Western and Eastern at the same time. It is also known as ‘Asia’s World City’ or ‘Europe of Asia’. So, where are the best places to visit in Hong Kong?

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong City View

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong – City View

Hong Kong, Asia’s largest free market and port, consists of Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, and about 235 small islands. The city is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. It is also known as the busiest trade, industry, and tourism center of the continent.

Located on the southern coast of China, the city fascinated with its modern architecture, impressive beaches, museums, and shopping streets lined with luxury shops.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city full of richness in terms of the best places to visit. Especially Victoria Peak, you will witness its beauty and amazing view.

Hong Kong nightlife and Hong Kong hotels are world-famous. At the same time, Hong Kong is a popular city with its Disneyland.

If you wonder where to stay in Hong Kong, check this hotel list.

1- Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is must be at the top of the list of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. No matter what time of the day you go, you can have the opportunity to watch the city view with all its beauty. Its height is 554 meters.

Victoria Peak Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak – Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

It is especially enjoyable to watch the vşew in the evening. Therefore, if you wish, you can visit Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Madness 3D Adventure, and Peak Tram History Gallery to spend your time until the sun goes down.

You can get to Victoria Peak by Peak Tram. Or you can use the 15C bus from the Piers or City Hall to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus. As another option, You can catch the 15 public bus outside Central Pier.

2- Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha)

Standing out with its giant dimensions, Tian Tan Buddha was built between 1990-1993. It is 34 meters high bronze statue. It symbolizes the stability of Hong Kong, the prosperity of China, and peace in the world.

The statue on Muk Yue Mountain is one of the 5 largest Buddha statues in the country. It is even said to be the tallest statue in the world depicting Buddha sitting.

Tian Tan Buddha The Big Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha)

Just opposite Tian Tan Buddha is Po Lin Monastery. The monastery, which has been operating since 1924, attracts the attention of travelers as much as the statue.

You can go to Tian Tan Buddha by Ngong Ping 360: Cable Car. You can buy one or two ways ticket from GetYourGuide.

3- Tsim Sha Tsui

If you want to capture different angles to photograph the magnificent view of the city, you can visit Tsim Sha Tsui. Especially at night.

There are many modern-style malls and luxury shops here. That makes the area south of the Kowloon Peninsula a popular attraction. It has a colorful atmosphere unique to the Far East in the evenings

Tsim Sha Tsui Things to do in Hong Kong

Tsim Sha Tsui – Things to do in Hong Kong

When you reach Tsim Sha Tsui, you can first walk on the coastal road. Then head to the Avenue of Stars and search for handprints of famous Hong Kong movie stars such as Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan. So this is one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong.

In the meantime, do not forget to visit places such as Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Science Museum. After stopping by shopping malls such as Harbor City, Silvercord, DFS Galleria, and 1881, you can end the day by watching the impressive performance of Symphony of Lights in Victoria Harbor.

4- Ocean Park – Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Ocean Park is the most popular theme park in Hong Kong, with the constant addition of new toys and an adorable panda population.

The theme park is opened its doors to its visitors in 1977. It makes families with children spend pleasant hours.

Ocean Park Fun things to do

Ocean Park – One of the fun things to do in the country

In the park, which consists of two main parts named Waterfronts and Summit, there is a hotel and many eating and drinking and shopping venues in addition to entertainment areas.

Beautiful Asian animals and Aqua City are the main attractions right next to Ocean Park’s main entrance. In this section, a giant-sized aquarium and Old Hong Kong are waiting for you. It hosts 5000 fish from more than 400 species.

5 – Disneyland – Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Visiting Disneyland is one of the best things to do in Hong Kong. Disneyland Hong Kong is like a scaled-down version of facilities in America.

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on the island of Lantau. You can get here by purchasing a train ticket from the city center with a journey of approximately 20 minutes.

Disneyland Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Disneyland – Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

The park is open for visitors every day between 10:30 and 20:00, and if you are coming here, it is recommended that you spend a day.

Opened in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland welcomes nearly six million tourists a year. There are also two different hotels in this park, which is filled with colorful fireworks every night.

6- Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market is a street market you go shopping at night. Vendors sell everything from electronics to clothes, jewelry to traditional Chinese handicrafts. When you need to take a break from shopping, you can sit with a fortune teller or listen to traditional Cantonese opera from the artists.

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market

If you are hungry, you can eat Hong Kong street food around here. For food, you should go to Woo Sung Street.

Also, this place is undoubtedly one of Hong Kong’s most photogenic places. You can take photographs for Instagram.

7- Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street)

More than a hundred stalls are set up in the marketplace where everyone can find something for themselves. You can buy various products from different categories such as clothing, accessories, souvenirs, cosmetics at very affordable prices using your bargaining skills.

Even if you are not interested in the Ladies Market, you can stop by Tung Choi Street to hang out in pubs.

You can meet new people drinking beer and playing darts in every place on the street without exception. You can even enter bars such as the Quarter Bar and Future Lounge without hesitation, mingle with the locals, and have a good conversation.

8- Man Mo Temple – Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Man Mo Temple is one of Hong Kong’s oldest religious buildings. It is dedicated to the literature (Man) and gods of war (Mo).

The temple was built in 1847. When the Chinese Dynasty dominated the country, it became an important place of worship for Taoism.

Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple

The religious structure built by Chinese merchants was once used as an arbitration court to resolve disputes between the Chinese government and colonialists.

Although more than 150 years have passed since it was opened to worship, the Man Mo Temple still preserves its mystical atmosphere on the first day. The four gilded plates at its entrance emphasize the purpose of the Taoist temple and the rules that must be followed while inside.

9- Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars seemingly evokes the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

This place is dedicated to the Hong Kong film industry and its stars, just like its counterpart in America. You can see the signs, sculptures, information boards, and the handprints of the stars all over the boulevard.

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong Avenue of Stars Bruce Lee

Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong – Avenue of Stars – Statue of Bruce Lee

Avenue of Stars has been reopened after a 3-year renovation process based on the design of architect James Corner.

During the renovation process, both the green area and the number of seating places were increased on the boulevard. The renewal process has also made a difference in the region in terms of technology. Now travelers can take advantage of QR codes whenever they want to learn about any of the 107 handprint plates.

10- Hong Kong Park – Best Places to Visit in the City

Hong Kong Park resembles an oasis in the middle of the city. The park is one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong for travelers who enjoy bird watching and spending peaceful hours in a lush atmosphere. It was built in 1991 on the place of Victoria Barracks.

The terraced green areas in the park are connected by walkways surrounded by trees.

Hong Kong Park Things to Do in the city

Hong Kong Park – Things to Do in the city

Located between Central and Admiralty, Hong Kong Park offers families the opportunity to have a pleasant time with its facilities. The birdwatch house also attracts great attention.

Here you can observe first and then sit in the square or visit the museum. Alternatively, you can focus on taking pictures of ponds filled with koi fish, turtles, and colorful lilies.

11- Wong Tai Sin Temple

The Wong Tai Sin Temple has a claim of “making every wish”. So it appeals to all parts of Hong Kong, from retirees to business people, from parents to teenagers.

Some of the locals come here to pray, while others try to find out what awaits them in the future. Travelers, on the other hand, visit the temple dedicated to Wong Tai Sin, to breathe its mystical atmosphere and see its beautiful buildings.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The Wong Tai Sin Temple hosts the sacred painting of Wong Wong carried from Guangdong to Hong Kong in 1915 by Taoist priest Liang Ren-a.

The temple is also of particular importance for Feng Shui enthusiasts. Because each of the structures that make up the parts of the temple represents the five geomantic elements of this teaching.

12- Yick Fat Building

Yick Fat Building is one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. Nowadays it is a very Instagrammable place. So one of the fun things to do in Hong Kong is taking a lot of pictures here.

Yick Fat Building is located just east of Hong Kong’s Central Business District on Hong Kong Island. To reach the Yick Fat Building, take the Hong Kong MTR’s Island Line to Tai Koo Station, then exit at Exit B and head west for two blocks on King’s Road. Yick Fat Building will have your back if you look ahead on the road.

Yick Fat Building

Yick Fat Building

13- Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park is one of the places for the locals in order to get away from city life for a short time. It is located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui,

Covering an area of ​​13.5 hectares, the classical Chinese style park was built in place of the barracks used by a regiment of the British army. While spending time in the park covered with banyan trees, you can see gardens decorated with colorful flowers, fountains, flocks of flamingos, and even the elders doing Tai Chi.

Kowloon Park Best Places to visit in Hong Kong

Kowloon Park – Best Places to visit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Center, which hosts exhibitions about the city’s past, operates within Kowloon Park. Six days a week, the birdwatching house also receives a lot of attention. Of course, one of the important parts of the park is the Masjid and the Islamic Cultural Center.

After 14.30 on Sundays, the park takes on a more lively and fun atmosphere. Because martial arts performances and dragon dances are performed in the Kung Fu Corner located in the Sculpture Street section of the park.

14- Nathan Street

After spending enough time in Kowloon Park, you can turn your route to Nathan Street with neon signs, reminiscent of the Far Eastern version of Times Square in New York.

Nathan Street

Nathan Street

3.6 km long street, named after the only Jewish governor of Hong Kong, Matthew Nathan, is full of huge shopping malls, shops, cafes, and restaurants. Of course, you can find many other things that might interest you while walking along the street.

There are three venues that I recommend you to visit on Victoria Harbor in the south of Kowloon and Nathan Street, which connects Tsim Sha Tsui to Prince Edward and Sham Shui Po in the north.

15- Lantau Island – Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong

After explaining the best tourist places to visit in Hong Kong, now it is time to talk about Lantau Island. Because, it deserves to be visited with its stunning ocean views, magnificent hiking trails, untouched beaches, and authentic villages.

While spending time in Lantau, you can join the dolphin watching tours after visiting the places I have told you so far on the list. Even more beautiful, you can go to Tai O and take lots of photos by tasting foods.

Lantau Island Tai O

Lantau Island – Tai O

You can choose between two different ways to go to Lantau Island. If you intend to reach the island in a short time, you can take the trains or buses departing from Kowloon.

If you don’t have time problems, you can choose to take a ferry from Hong Kong, which is my favorite. Ferry trips end at Mui Wo and Discovery Bay, located in the far east of Lantau. Fast ferries reach the island in 35 minutes, standard types in 55 minutes.

Where to Stay in Hong Kong?

There are 5 regions in Hong Kong where you can stay. These:

  • Tsim Sha Tsui brought pleasant moments to those who came to the city for the first time with its diversity.
  • Standing out with its luxurious facilities, Central in the center of entertainment life.
  • Causeway Bay, the ideal accommodation area for families.
  • Mong Kok stands out with its budget-friendly accommodation options.
  • Wan Chai, which offers a Hong Kong-style lifestyle with its luminous atmosphere.

Also, if you want to stay in a house or residence, you can search for a good place on the Airbnb website. If you register by this link, you will get some credit which makes some discount.

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